Experience the joy of dancing on ice!


Ice Dance Artwork

Crazy for ice dancing?

If the hairs on your neck tingle when you watch Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir skate their Olympic gold medal winning free dance – you’ve been smitten.

When you hear music and your mind’s eye envisions skaters moving to it – you’ve got the madness.

If you’re an ice dancer – or an avid spectator of figure skating  – you’re not alone in sharing this amiable passion. When it hits, it hits hard.

Let’s face it - few things rival the beauty, movement, elegance and joy of dancing on ice.

Now, all the sensation of ice dancing is captured

in one extraordinary work of art

The idea began when a fellow ice dancer contacted us and said “I'd love to see a real quality work of art reflecting the beauty of ice dancing. There's so little out there for ice dance, and most of it's for kids.”

After some searching, we located award-winning portrait artist and figure skater, Lauren Bass, who agreed to tackle the project. (What better combination than to find not only an accomplished artist, but also an ice dancer?)

The end result . . .  Joyous Waltz

Bring the joy of ice dancing into your home

Joyous Waltz portrays the beauty and simplicity of the waltz hold – a universal hold in ice dancing, that you’re familiar with whether you’re learning the pre-bronze Swing Dance or skating the international level Golden Waltz.

The lean of the skaters’ edges, the feeling of speed, the elegance, emotion and sparkle of the ice all come alive in this one-of-a-kind work of ice dancing art.

All the beauty of the original oil painting . . . at a fraction of the cost!

Now we realize that most people aren’t looking for the expense of an artist’s original oil painting. So to bring the cost way down, but not forfeit the quality of the original, we are pleased to offer Joyous Waltz to you as a limited edition giclée print.

A giclée - pronounced “zhee-clay” – is a museum quality fine art print.

It represents the world’s most advanced digital fine art printmaking process, resulting in the highest quality archival reproduction possible of the original artwork.

The process begins with a high resolution digital scan to ensure that every detail and nuance of the original artwork is captured and reproducible. Using state-of-the-art inkjet technology, the artwork is printed using quality non-fading inks and acid-free fine art paper.

A giclée print is treated with the same care as an original work of art.  It has a life expectancy of 100+ years without noticeable fading.

It’s hard to fully appreciate the detail and quality of this giclée print by seeing only a photo of it online. But we trust you will not be disappointed when you see for yourself the color and beauty of this work of figure skating art.

Each giclée is personally signed by the artist, and available as a limited edition print, currently being offered for the special price of $89.95, (reg. $139.95). 

Joyous Waltz fits a standard 18 x 24 or 16 x 20 inch frame (not included), and does not require a mat.

Our Money-Back Guarantee

If, within 30 days of receiving this unique ice dance painting, you are not happy with it for any reason, you may return it for a full refund of the purchase price – the same promise we extend for all our products.

A smile is sure to come to your face every time you glance at Joyous Waltz on the wall of your home or office!

Treat yourself to your own limited edition giclée print of Joyous Waltz today!

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P.S.  Joyous Waltz makes a great gift for any ice dancing enthusiast!

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(Joyous Waltz is based on a photo from the 2007 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships, by Howard Mager. Used with permission.)