Experience the joy of dancing on ice!


How to Become an Ice Dancer

Experience the Joy of Ballroom Dancing on Ice!

A Complete Guide to Getting Started in Figure Skating's Most Elegant Form

Dear Skating Friend:

If you love music, dancing, and ice skating - ice dancing is the only activity which combines all three, making it truly unique - and great fun!

With ballroom dancing again the rage, learning to dance on ice can be an extremely rewarding pursuit - and can be learned at any age!

Ice dancers gain:
  • The satisfaction of achievement as skills are mastered
  • The health benefits of exercise
  • The social enjoyment of skating with other people
  • The sheer joy of dancing on ice!

If you're new to figure skating, learning to ice dance, or simply want to find out what's involved – How to Become an Ice Dancer covers all the basics for you - to the end that you, too, can experience the joy of dancing on ice.

Your Questions Answered Here

Here’s a peek at some of what is covered in this comprehensive guide:

  • How to buy the right pair of skates for your needs. Good equipment will make learning easier, smoother, and safer. Find out what to look for in buying skates.
  • Do I need dance boots? What about dance blades? There are many opinions . . . 
  • Skate care tips and tricks.
  • Do I need a coach? Find classes and lessons - what you should look for, and what you can expect to pay.
  • Ice dance music – what makes it different and where to find it.
Under Mastering Basic Figure Skating Skills, find a section on each of the following aspects of ice dancing, and learn the important role it plays in making your ice dancing the best it can be:
  • Balance – yours too, can improve!
  • Falls – overcome this common fear; learn to fall "correctly."
  • Posture– these tips will actually improve your posture on and off the ice.
  • Knees – how to achieve that “floating” look that top ice dancers have.
  • Circles and Lobes – their importance in ice dancing and what to strive for.
  • Extensions – learning to use them makes your dances look exquisite and actually easier to skate.
  • Partner Unison – the basic holds and getting used to skating close to someone.
The First Nine Pattern Ice Dances Explained!

The How to Become an Ice Dancer ebook also includes:
  • How to read ice dance diagrams – symbols are explained in a way you can easily “read” the steps on paper.
  • Diagrams of the first nine pattern dances in the U.S. Figure Skating test structure.
  • Each of the following nine dances explained – covering the basic steps, how to work through the “trouble spots” and what to strive for:
                                     Dutch Waltz
                                     Canasta Tango
                                     Rhythm Blues
                                     Swing Dance
                                     Fiesta Tango
                                     Hickory Hoedown
                                     Willow Waltz

There’s even more to help you on your journey 

to become a seasoned ice dancer!

In addition to all this, find basic information on testing and competing, as well as a special chapter called 12 Tips for Testing Success.  Also of interest, a brief history of ice dancing is included.

           Your Skating Concerns Answered Here

The purpose of How to Become an Ice Dancer is not to give you “lessons” – (you’ll need a skating professional to help you fine tune the technical) – but here you will find most other questions you have answered.

Written with the adult skater in mind, special concerns or fears you may have are addressed in a way that will put you at ease and encourage you. Yet most of the information offered is useful to skaters of all ages.

                              How Much is This Information Worth?

If you were to try and gather all these tidbits of information from various skating professionals, articles, or other sources, it would certainly cost you a lot of time and money.

How much do you think you might expect to pay to learn the secrets of becoming successful at ice dancing? $60, $80, even $110 an hour?

Take a sigh of relief!  How to Become an Ice Dancer gives you a wealth of information to help you enjoy your ice dancing the most possible – all for $18.00 – less than the cost of one half hour lesson!  And . . . you'll have this resource to refer to again and again!

Our Risk-Free Guarantee

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That way, you risk nothing!  So what are you waiting for?  Click below to order now!

Wishing you much success in your ice dancing . . . 


Cheryl Elton

Sharper Edge Productions

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She's written numerous articles for  iSKATE magazine in the UK, and  SKATING magazine, the official publication of U.S. Figure Skating.

She is also an author, free
lance copywriter, and is a member of American Writers & Artists, Inc.

Cheryl became passionate about ice dancing because it combines three of the things she enjoys most – skating, music and dancing.

She's had the privilege of working with several long-time reputable coaches, including an Olympian.

 She also fitted and sold Jackson skates for several years.

How to Become an Ice Dancer is a compilation of much information learned through experience, research and consultation with skating professionals.

The book was reviewed for technical accuracy by a highly regarded figure skating professional, and ice dance diagrams were supplied courtesy of U.S. Figure Skating.