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Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships DVDs

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Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships!

The Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships is the premiere event in competitive ice dancing each year. Held in August at the Olympic Center in Lake Placid, New York, the event draws skaters from across the U.S. and around the world.
Now, you can order DVDs from any of the many events in the Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships – from 1998 to 2015!
Whether you're a competitive ice dancer, a recreational ice skater, or simply a fan of figure skating, the beauty of seeing so many accomplished amateur ice dance teams perform is sure to inspire you!
Were you a competitor at the Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships during any of these years?  If you missed ordering a DVD of your flight or event, here’s your chance to get it!
Is there a pattern ice dance you're learning?  Why not order a DVD of that dance to learn from and to study. You will see a number of different ice dance teams performing it.
Watching many skaters gives you the benefit of picking out strengths, weaknesses, ideas for music, costumes, and a “look” that you can strive for yourself.
All events were professionally filmed by Productions East Media, who has been filming figure skating events nationwide for more than 20 years.
See the 2010 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships schedule of events here, as a sample of events to choose from.

How to Order:

Each event on the schedule comes on a separate DVD. The cost per DVD is $60 plus shipping. A discount is available when ordering multiple DVDs.

To order online by Paypal or credit card: Email with the DVDs you would like to order.  We'll email you the shipping cost and payment instructions.

To order by mail: Enclose a check with our printable order form.

Photos by Howard Mager - used with permission.