Experience the joy of dancing on ice!

Learn to Ice Dance Vol. 2

Learn to Ice Dance Vol. 2

Designed to complement your own learning and practice, 
this video shows you the steps, technique and look to strive for in your ice dancing.

Thousands of figure skaters worldwide – including many adult skaters – are sharing in the fun of ballroom dancing on ice, by learning the compulsory pattern ice dances. 


Learning to ice dance gives you:

  • Solid basic skating technique
  • A sense of rhythm and musical timing
  • Development of artistic expression on the ice

Additional benefits to skaters are . . . the satisfaction of achievement as skills are mastered . . . the health benefits of exercise . . . the social enjoyment of skating with others . . . the sheer joy of dancing on ice!

In Learn to Ice Dance Vol. 2, U.S. national gold medalists Julie Keith and Mike Ricigliano provide a top-notch visual demonstration of the bronze and pre-silver pattern ice dances of the U.S. Figure Skating test structure.

  • Hickory Hoedown
  • Willow Waltz
  • Ten-Fox
  • Fourteenstep
  • Foxtrot
  • European Waltz
  • BONUS preview: Tango

Designed to complement your own learning and practice, this instructional ice dance video:

  • Explains trouble spots and common errors in each dance
  • Details new steps and turns
  • Shows basic partner holds
  • Breaks down the steps in slow motion with narration
  • Reviews music timing information
  • Provides a visual layout of each dance pattern on the ice

You’ll love watching and studying Learn to Ice Dance Vol. 2 again and again as you progress through the bronze and pre-silver pattern ice dances.

If you’re a higher level ice dancer, the video provides a good review of basic technique and the look you should strive for in ice dancing – a real plus as you learn and master more advanced ice dances. 

We're confident that Learn to Ice Dance Vol. 2 can help improve your ice dancing - so much so, that we offer you a full money-back guarantee if the video does not live up to your expectations in any way.

Improve your ice dancing skills today!

Julie Keith and Mike Ricigliano are the seven-time gold medalists in Championship Gold Dance at the U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships.

Both are gold medalists in ice dance, having successfully passed their gold dance tests.

Julie and Mike’s passion for the sport is evident in their skating.  Through their presentation in this instructional ice dance DVD, they hope to help others experience the joy of ice dancing.

DVD is all-region playable (for international orders)


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