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Mini skating lessons as digital downloads. Tips and training to improve your skating both on and off the ice.

Ice Dancers on-line forum.  Share your love of the sport with other ice dancers from all around the world. Learn about ice dance weekends, ask questions and share information. To join or for member access:

ThoughtCo.'s Guide to Figure Skating.  Do you love to skate? Jo Ann Schneider Farris shares her love and knowledge of ice skating with skaters and fans alike. Her goal is to link skaters from all around the world.

For event coverage, team profiles, and more:

Partner Search.

Figure Skating Photography by Howard Mager.  Contact:

Custom and standard gel pads for skating protection.   Stay safe on the ice!

For skates, accessories and more. Rainbow Sports - large figure skating supplier. 

Articles on ballroom dancing and more.

Coverage of ice dancing from the 2008 U.S. Adult National Figure Skating Championships in Lake Placid. See interview with Julie Keith and Mike Ricigliano.